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Dog Boarding Freedom Style!


Board your dog with confidence.


Our boarding professionals ensure our guest are strategically placed ensuring a stress free environment during night time for all the dogs. We specialize in long term custom care providing a home away from home with specific care and attention for our longer stay guest if needed.  

We know and understand your pet, so we can treat them like they deserve!

Our boarding dogs enjoy the same playtime as our daycare customers; no staying in a small kennel all day! 

Boarding dogs run with the pack all day and then go into their own private area for supper and sleep. First thing in the morning, they go right back in with all the other dogs for another day of play.


Our boarding guest are accommodated with large comfortable dog beds and blankets/ comforters provided by us. 

As of October 1st 2023 we will have a 7 day cancellation policy for any long weekend bookings for our boarding program. Standard week nights and weekends will be  48 hours. If you are unable to make your booking please call us at 403.340.3633

 Thank you for your understanding! 


Boarding Pricing:


Our boarding service starts at $39.50 per 24hrs but goes down significantly if you have more than one dog and/or purchase a punch pass, which does NOT expire.


10 Night boarding pass $330.00

20 Night Boarding pass $560.00


Please contact us for full pricing details on multi dog passes and split daycare/boarding combo passes.

24 hour cancellation policy in effect, long weekend boarding cancellations require full payment. 

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